//Pippali Powder (Long Pepper/ पिप्पली पावडर)

Pippali Powder (Long Pepper/ पिप्पली पावडर)


Pippali Powder

(Long Pepper/ पिप्पली पावडर)

50 g = 100 ₹

100 g = 200 ₹

250 g = 500 ₹

500 g = 950 ₹

1000 g = 1800 ₹


Medicinal uses of Pippali-

  • Increases Digestion
  • Reduces Gas and bloating
  • Detoxifies Body
  • Useful in Respiratory problems
  • Benefits Anaemia
  • Reduces Nervous system disorders (Anxiety, fear & worry)
  • Helps in Weight management
  • Benefits Insomnia
  • Useful In Arthritis Beneficial in the liver, gall bladder, and spleen problems.

Pippali has Anti-microbial, Anti-inflammatory activity. Consumption of pippali is said to exhibit antispasmodic action and hypoglycaemic effect which is believed to lower blood sugar level. It is also reported to be an antagonist in respiratory depression. Also due to its cooling post-digestive effect consumption of pippali is considered as a safe and effective option to avoid all sorts of digestive disorders.

Due to these and many other health and immunity benefits of Pippali it is a vital element in Ayurvedic Pharmacopeia and can be found in numerous herbal formulations.

Botanical name: Piper longum, Piperaceae

Other names: Pipli, Pipal, Pippili, Tippili, Long Pepper.

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